Am I an Addict ?

Addicted to Prescription drugs?

What is Narcotics Anonymous ?

What is an NA Meeting ?

Can I attend if I'm still using?

Is NA religious?

What is a Sponsor ?

This is a question we have to answer for ourselves, if you think you might have a problem, but are unsure if you are an addict, one of the best ways you can decide for yourself is to attend one of our meetings. There are NA meetings both online and in person, please check out our meetings page here.

If you know the answer is yes just come along to one of our meetings, the 'in person' list is here and online list is here.

There are no waiting lists in NA , just turn up


If you want to talk to someone first feel free to call our helpline on 0300 999 1212, it's open 10am-10pm daily and will be answered by a NA member.

We have a pamphlet called 'Am I an Addict?' which might help you decide.

Attending an NA meeting could be one of the best decisions you ever make !

it's not a specific drug which defines addicts, it's whether we have an addictive personality. If you want to stop, but cannot stay stopped on your own, try our meetings

Narcotics Anonymous is a community of people who support each other to achieve and maintain a drug free life. The only requirement for participation in NA is a desire to stop using drugs.  NA is not allied with any religion, institution or other organisation. NA exists solely so that its members can support each other to stay drug free and to help others achieve and maintain a drug free recovery and lifestyle. NA is free.

In NA we are not concerned about what drugs you may have used, what you have done in the past or what your personal status might be, we are only interested in what you want to do to about your problem and how we can help. Sometimes people come to our meetings thinking they are different and won't fit in, but on attending meetings and hearing others talk about their experiences they generally realise how similar these are to their own.

NA is currently referred to in the UK as a Mutual Aid organisation, NA helps addicts to stop taking drugs, get well and change the quality of their lives. We mutually help each other. NA has been around in the UK since 1980, it's growing all the time, There are approximately 76,000 weekly meetings in 143 countries.


There are over1200 weekly meetings throughout England, Scotland and Wales. These take place in the community often in community centres or church halls that are easily accessible and affordable to rent. Covid 19 has brought about a huge growth in the number of online meetings that take place both in the UK and around the world. Having over 1200 meetings a week in the UK alone represents many thousands of once desperate addicts living a drug free and productive life with the support of their fellow recovering addicts.

NA offers support for life – it is a community of people who have overcome their drug problem, and who are freely available to help those who also have the desire to live life drug free. It costs nothing to be a NA member, you are a member of NA when you say you are, there are no waiting lists for NA if you want to attend a meeting just show up. There are no musts in NA, we don't keep records of who goes to our meetings, our members cross all spectrums of society and range in age from teenagers to OAP's, everyone is equal and equally welcome.

Meetings are where you can find support from others who have been where you are now. Come along, no appointment necessary and you'll see others getting & staying clean. Hopefully, this will inspire you to believe you can do it too. Come as often as you like, (it's free), as this helps build up a resistance to temptation. Soon you might be inspiring others to get clean too. That's how it works, we all help each other to do something we had been unable to do alone.

You don’t have to say anything at a meeting if you don’t want to, this is important as it's one of the main reasons given for not coming, Just show up, you'll be made welcome, the people running the meeting were new once. It's a good idea to try and focus on the similarities rather than the differences in what is being said.


If you can try and arrive a bit ahead of the start time for the meeting. Meetings tend to start on time and with in person meetings it’s much easier to come in and find a seat when there are not too many people already there.

When you arrive the secretary might chat to you and ask if you have been before. Just say you have come to your first meeting to find out about NA – or you can say that you are visiting if you like either way you will be welcome.

In 'In Person'  meetings when you sit down you will probably notice that there will be reading cards laid out on chairs – if you would prefer not to read the card out during the opening stage of the meeting then its best to sit somewhere where there is no card. You can always pass the card to someone else anyway.

It doesn't even matter if you're late. Just walk in, get yourself a cup of tea, sit down & listen.

Yes, come along that's how many of us got clean;  through regular attendance and seeing others do it the courage and resolve to stop grew within us  

Short answer no. NA is not a religious organisation, nor does it discriminate against anyone holding religious, spiritual or secular views, you are free to believe, or not believe, anything you want. Though some of our meetings are held in church halls it is simply because they are available, amenable and affordable. We have no affiliation with any of these establishments we simply rent rooms as do many other community organisations. 

Though the word God is mentioned in the literature, it could be considered a nick-name for anything that you choose as your higher power. Having a power greater than you is important in the process of Recovery. A lot of members choose the power of the group and the support network they build by coming regularly.

A sponsor is someone who can help guide you through the steps, the steps are tools or principle we use to help us in our lives. If you attend regularly eventually you will hear someone [generally of the same sex] who you really identify/feel comfortable with and whose recovery you respect. This is probably the sort of person to ask to be your sponsor.